Olive Harvesting

Many methods are used to harvest olives.  Often the configuration of the olive grove and the canopy-design of the tree will dictate methods for harvest.  Groves with trees 15-20 feet apart may use hand-harvests or machine-assisted harvesting.  Tree layout in high density design (6′ between trees/12′ rows = 300+ trees per acre) suggests using an over-the-row harvester.  Hand harvesting can be facilitated using only the bare hands, electric and pneumatic hand-held machines.  Mechanized tree shakers and over-the-row harvesters are used in more heavily commercial operations.   Click here***<insert link to FOC partners> to see a list of harvesting equipment.

Urban Olive Harvest

MOG w Oxbow Harvester

High Density Olive Harvesting

Olive Shaker for harvest

Tractor-mounted (1 man) olive harvest equipment


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